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Martha Fairburn, Proprietor 

Many People are intimidated by the idea of having a "proper" tea, but we believe a tea can be as casual or as formal as the hostess imagines. Let us help guide you! 


I'm Martha, a self-proclaimed Anglophile (a lover of all things British). I was born to an English mother, and developed an early love of tea parties. 

I have dedicated most of my life to all aspects of the food service industry, but especially the guest experience and catering side of things. My passion is to create an unforgettable event for you and your guests. 

I have been blessed to raise three beautiful daughters, who all share my love of tea parties. We would be honored to share that love with you!


Amy Berry

Media Coordinator 

Hello! I am Martha's middle daughter!

I currently live in South Korea and work as an English teacher! I have been here supporting from afar since 2021!

I graduated from CVCC in 2016 with my associate degree in Culinary Arts and for 6 years I worked with the University of Lynchburg catering staff. I graduated in May 2020 with my bachelor's degree in International Relations, with a minor in Public Relations. Some things that make me 'me' are, I love reading, traveling, writing, doing handi-crafts, and of course my love of tea! 

I am excited to help guide you on your tea expedition.  


Dixie Martin

Event Guide


Martha and I have been friends for most of our lives and actually met in the food service industry.  I have always been a “girly girl” and I love all things delicate, pretty, and especially pink.  I have a bachelor’s degree in design and am obsessed with decorating and organizing.  I love my morning coffee, but working with Martha has inspired a newfound love of tea and its history.

I look forward to sharing my new love with you.

Our event guide Allison, with her hair wrapped in a red scarf with matching red earrings

Allison Berry

Event Guide

Hi, I'm Martha's eldest daughter! 

I'm a hard worker who loves cats, video games, and, of course, tea! I have worked in food preparation, service, and catering for 13 years. I'm thrilled to be joining my mum in providing all of you with a relaxing and fun tea party experience.


Welcome to the family! 


Jacklyn Fairburn

Event Guide


I'm Martha's youngest daughter! I am currently a junior who is transferring from VCU to ODU and completing my degree in Dental Hygiene. I've always loved my mom's cooking, and am so happy to see her doing what she truly loves while using her skills to make others happy. Even when I was little she would use her tiny tea cup sets to make us tea. I've become to love tea even now and am grateful to be a part of what she has created!


 Allen Fairburn

Event Guide


Martha and I became friends in 2008 after experiencing the loss of our spouses to cancer.  That friendship led to marriage and our families coming (colliding) together with our quirky differences.  Martha’s infatuation with England through her family heritage led to this crazy idea of doing tea parties.  I enjoy working with her behind the scenes, helping to organize and prepare for each unique event.  This allows me to use my management and attention to detail skills for the benefit of the business while being able to share in the joy she gets from creating an unforgettable event for you.

Meet The Contributors 

Willie wearing a red chef jacket and a tan baseball cap

Willie Payne

Willie has been in the food service industry since 1983. He has gone on to be the co-owner of Magnolia Foods, and been a chef at The University Of Lynchburg, where he and Martha met. He is currently the head chef at Oakwood Country Club. His role within Tea to Thee is as our outsourced Pastry Chef. 


Minho Nam (남 민호)

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Minho is a local Photographer, who has been working with us since 2020. He is known for his natural editing and beautiful portraits. 

In Memoriam

Dee Washburn

Dee was a dear friend and dedicated partner when setting up our business. She grew up having a love for collecting tea sets along with her mother. When Martha first mentioned the idea for Tea To Thee, Dee jumped up and volunteered her collection and time. Even as her health declined she did things from home to be involved. She was a beautiful soul and an avid tea lover! 

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