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There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea 

- Henry James 

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea began in the 18oos  as a snack to ward off hunger, since dinner was served much later (often 9 pm). Light sandwiches and cakes were served with tea to the lady of the house. We have been inviting our friends to join us ever since. This type of tea is most intimate for gatherings of 25 or less.

Great for baby and bridal showers!

This Package Includes: 

Scones (flavor of your choosing)

Your choice of 2 teas and 8 menu items

An arm wearing a pearl bracelet stirring milk into a cup of tea with a silver spoon

Children's Tea

Younger ladies love tea parties as much as grown-ups, but mom is hesitant to bring out the fine china. We offer a lovely compromise with a line of high-quality paper goods. Available to children under the age of 8. Children-friendly menu options are available also.


Mum needn't worry!

This Package Includes: 

Your choice of 1 tea and 1 scone, along with 3 sandwiches and 3 sweets 

A blue floral paper tea cup with matching paper saucer.

Mill About Tea 

A Mill About is ideal for larger groups when your guest list is longer but you still want the general experience of a tea. Foods can be light or heavier and are arranged in a buffet style. The Mill About has the same atmosphere as our other options while offering the ability to mingle. 

A great option for a fundraiser! 

This Package Includes: 

Scones (flavor of your choosing)

Your choice of 2 teas and 10 menu items 

A china plate with an assortment of tea sandwiches, with a cup of tea on a saucer in the corner
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